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As a matter of course, every web site is constantly collecting information about how its pages are being used. At a basic level, web servers record all activity in log files, while statistical analysis programmes gather aggregated information to help publishers understand how their sites are being used. And when you register with sites your email address and other information you may supply is stored securely for specific reasons, such as sending you newsletters.

Different users will have different levels of interaction with The Local.

You may simply browse our content – read our articles, peruse our galleries, search for jobs, and so on – without actively giving us any information about yourself. You may register your email address so that you can receive our editors’ weekly news roundups, information about new jobs and other updates and offers. Or you may do both of the above and contribute to the content on the site by commenting on articles or participating in forum discussion.

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By completing and submitting the registration form on this site you will be able to access the discussion forum with the ability to comment, and you will be able to comment on certain articles. Depending upon your registration settings, you agree that we may send you a weekly email, occasional 'breaking news' alerts and selected email promotions from our clients. We will also mail you occasionally with updates about the service and information about your registration.

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Personal Data

The Local will only collect, use and transfer Personal Data about you if you have consented to that collection, use and transfer, unless The Local believes that such action is necessary to (a) conform to legal requirements (b) protect and defend its rights or property (c) enforce this User Agreement or (d) act to protect the interests of its users or others.

You give your consent in the following way:

By completing and submitting the Registration Form you automatically consent to The Local:

  • collecting the information that is on the Registration Form, and information about your movements around and use of this site and other The Local owned or managed sites, for the purposes described below.
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You can unsubscribe from any of these services at any time by emailing The Local at support@thelocal.com.

Aggregated Data

Other non-personal information will be collected and used by The Local and may be transferred to third parties. Any such statistical or demographic information will not include personal details through which you could be identified. In addition to non-personal information given on your Registration Form, information is automatically collected about traffic around the site. This is also only used in aggregate form and no individual registered user will be identified.


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More information

The following links will give you more information so that you can continue to use the Internet with confidence.

Understanding Online Advertising
EU Cookie Directive
How to control cookies

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