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'We want guarantees about trade deal', France warns US
Photo: AFP

An ambitious US-EU free trade deal will fail without clear quality guarantees, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned on Tuesday.

Paris police to invest in drones to boost security
A BRI officer works with a drone during an operation. Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP

It's the latest in a slew of moves to step up security in Paris.

Brexit campaigners want Le Pen barred from UK
Marine Le Pen. Photo: AFP

Pro-Brexit campaigners have asked British authorities to keep France's strongest Brexit supporter away.

German populists want France excluded from eurozone
Jörg Meuten, AfD's co-founder. Photo: DPA

Germany's right-wing populist AfD believes that France and southern European countries should be excluded from Europe's common currency, the party's top officials said, AFP reported.

France's ambitious Macron told to get into line
Cabinet colleagues have called on Emmanuel Macron, above, to show some loyalty. Photo: AFP

France’s rising political star Emmanuel Macron has been warned he must play his role in government as his behaviour fuels speculation he harbours ambitions to run for president in 2017.

Minister denies 'twanging French journalist's knickers'
Finance Minister Michel Sapin. Photo: AFP

France's finance minister has found himself at the centre of what the French are calling "Knickers Gate" and facing calls to resign.

How a tiny French town has infuriated Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan dictator Ilham Aliyev, is not happy with Bourg-lès-Valence.

Azerbaijan wants to have a say over who a French village chooses to be friends with.

Could Brits in Europe put the brakes on Brexit?
Photo: AFP

Most British expats in Europe surveyed by The Local believe Britain has to remain in Europe.

What on earth is this Frenchman really up to?
Photo: AFP

He just can't hold his tongue, but is it all part of a cunning plan?

Hollande vows to decide on presidency bid at end of year
Photo: AFP

Hollande has said he'll tell us at the end of the year if he is going to run for presidency in 2017.

Opinion – Brexit
5 practical things Brits abroad can do to keep UK in the EU
Photos: Laura Shields and AFP

If you're a pro-EU Brit living abroad, there's plenty you can do to keen Britain 'in', explains Laura Shields from the Brits Abroad: Yes to Europe initiative.

Is France's whizzkid minister 'on the move' for the Elysée?
Is Emmanuel Macron making a dash for the presidency? Photo: AFP

Has France's fresh faced economics minister just made his first surprise move for the presidency?

French are 'even more anti-EU than the Brits'
Photo: AFP

The lack of an open debate about the EU, like the one taking place in the UK, is helping the growth of anti-EU feeling in France.

'National Front would have prevented Paris terror attacks'
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. Photo: AFP

Had the anti-immigration party been in charge of France,the devastating November attacks would never have happened, claims the party's rising star in her latest inflammatory statement.

UK expats challenge voting block in EU referendum
Photo: AFP

Could the 2 million British expats who have lived abroad for over 15 years, including tens of thousands in France, finally get a say in the Brexit referendum?

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