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Blog: Student life in Paris
Adapting to life as a foreign student in Paris
Students in at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Photo: AmitLev/Flickr

Adapting to life as a foreign student in Paris

Paris is said to be the best city in the world to study in, but that doesn't mean everything is plain sailing for international students. Erasmus student Deirdre McAteer shares her observations on life at a French university. READ  

View from 'La Rue'

Anti-Uber protest: Just a 'taxi drivers' tantrum'?

Taxi drivers in Paris gathered in the capital on Monday, to protest against the urban car-sharing service UberPOP. The Local took to the streets to see whether Parisians had much sympathy for their notoriously rude taxi drivers. READ  


Why company bosses in France have had enough

As business owners in France hold a week-long uprising against red tape and taxes, the head of one of the main unions behind the action told The Local why business leaders in France are at their wits end. READ  

Far-right mag's racial slur on minister nets fine

A far-right publication that compared France's justice minister, who is black, to a monkey was hit on Thursday with a €10,000 fine for making racist statements. READ  

Opinion- Air France strike

'Pilots' strike shows how France cannot reform'

"All French people are a little like Air France pilots". This is the view of French Economy expert Nicolas Bouzou, who argues that the crippling Air France pilots' strike is representative of a country that appears incapable of reform. READ  

Opinion - France and Germany

'Merkel now needs to meet Hollande halfway'

After the French president ousted his rebel Economy Minister for an outspoken attack on Germany and replaced him with a social liberal ex-banker, political commentator Stefan Ulrich argues that Chancellor Angela Merkel now needs to repay the favour. READ  

Tête-a-tête - Service

'Give me a grumpy Paris waiter any day'

Would you rather have the brusque and serious Parisian 'serveur' or the tip-driven and smiley American waitress? The Local's Joshua Melvin (left) and Ben McPartland (right) battle it out here over whose service is better. READ  

Guest Blog - French rail service

'Forget the strike, I love the French rail system'

With all the anger and confusion over the unending rail strike in France, British comedian Ian Moore has come to the defense of the French rail system which he loves so dearly. Though he thinks French trains could do with a bit more alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour. READ  

Reader Rants

Why 'sacked' French ministers deserve no pity

In the latest of our Reader Rants series writer Dan MacGuill takes a swipe at the French ministers who, after losing out in the recent cabinet reshuffle, have wallowed in a bit of self-pity, despite having other well-paid, taxpayer-funded jobs to fall back on. READ  

Reader Rants

French and charity - why don't they go together?

In the latest of our Reader Rants series, in which we give you a chance to get something off your chest, Paris-based banker and serial fun-runner Gavin Doughty from the UK, laments the problems he has persuading the French to dip into the pockets for a good cause. READ  


'Paris is pointless if you live in the suburbs'

Would you consider living in the suburbs of Paris? For the first in our series of tête-à-têtes, The Local France's Josh Melvin (left) and Ben McPartland (right) square up to each other on the issue of whether life is better inside or outside the Périphérique. Who do you side with? READ  

Reader Rants

'The French just can't take a gentle bashing'

In the second of our Reader Rants series, in which we give you the chance to get something off your chest, France-based author Piu Marie-Eatwell, from the UK, laments the fact that the "sensitive" French can't take a little bit of gentle criticism. READ  

Reader's Rants

'Love locks have made Paris a visual cesspool'

For the first of our "Reader's Rants" series, in which we offer you a platform to air your views, we hear from two Americans who have fallen out of love with Paris's love locks, claiming they are a stain on the City of Light. Respond with your own rant below. READ  

'First ever' bill proposes legal cannabis in France

France is no Amsterdam when it comes to marijuana laws, in fact it has some of the toughest possession statutes in Europe, but a first of its kind bill proposed this week could change that. The lawmaker behind the legislation tells The Local why marijuana should be legalized in France. READ  

'French women do get fat': curvy beauty queen

If you were to conjure up the image of a typical French woman she would be perfectly coiffed, well-dressed and almost certainly slim and slender. The newly-crowned Miss Ronde France, a beauty contest for bigger women, tells The Local the truth is a little different. READ  

Can the 'nightmare' of a pilot downing a plane be prevented?
LIVE: Co-pilot suspected of crashing plane
Paris: France mulls lifting ban on casinos
Damaged black box could hold key to Alps plane crash probe
Does low cost mean low safety? Questions after Germanwings crash
IN PICTURES: A timeline of the Alps plane crash
So what might have caused the plane crash in the French Alps?
Videos emerge of Alps crash site wreckage
What we know so far about the plane crash in the French Alps
Where in La Belle France do British expats avoid?
IN PICTURES: 'Tide of the century' draws tens of thousands
Paris ends smog-fighting restrictions as the air finally clears
The main mistakes made by French property buyers
International French Language day: But what does the future hold?
IN PICTURES: What went on behind the clouds during Friday's eclipse
French food porn: What is the Gallic grub that goes viral the most?
France treated to rare Northern Lights show
Shady candidates undermine French far-right's election bid once again
French minister takes a swipe at overuse of Franglais in workplace
French gastronomy set for global charm offensive
French newspaper stuns readers with porn film pics on front page
The reasons why Zlatan Ibrahimovic might really think France is s**t
France could soon ban skinny models from catwalks
Is France's much-envied health care system under threat?
There are jobs in France where you don't need to speak French
New plan to improve life in rural France drawn up
Paris universities on the up in new rankings
We meet one of the most entertaining footballers in France
New plan to improve life in rural France drawn up
Forget Paris. Is Bordeaux the best place to live in France?
Runaway plane mows down skier on the slopes of French Alps
Friday 13th: A look at France's superstitions
France is ready to end its stubborn resistance to the English language
'Hedgehog' and other words that French people simply can't say
The worst 'nightmares' of living in France (written by a Frenchman)
French hospitals crisis: 'It's like the UK under Margaret Thatcher'
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Expert US tax preparation for Americans in France
VIDEO: Footage emerges of the moment two helicopters collided
IN PICTURES: Helicopter crash kills 10, including French sports stars
What's on in France: Ten things to do in March
New French rail strike: RER B and regional trains to be worst hit
Paris museums set to ban 'dangerous' selfie sticks
'Ça va ma jolie?': Sexism rife in French offices
International Women's Day: Do women in France really have égalité?
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