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Is it time the French scrapped tu and vous?
"Did you just say tu to me?" Photo: Shutterstock

Is it time the French scrapped tu and vous?

Everyone who has ever lived in France knows all about the social minefield that is tu and vous - and that goes for the French too. The Local France’s editor Ben McPartland and French language expert Camille Chevalier-Karfis argue over whether it’s time to ditch the protocol. READ  

Opinion - Surveillance
Why new spying powers should worry the French
"I am being wire tapped" - Civil liberty supporters present on a twist on the famous "Je Suis Charlie" post terror attacks slogan. Photo: AFP

Why new spying powers should worry the French

French MPs are set to overwhelmingly back a draft law that would give intelligence services the capability to sweep up masses of data on suspected terrorists. Here three civil liberties experts explain why the French public should be very, very concerned. READ  

National Front in crisis
High stakes as Le Pen mulls booting father out
Will Marine Le Pen oust her father from the National Front? Photo: AFP

High stakes as Le Pen mulls booting father out

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen declared open war on her father this week claiming he was "holding the party hostage". Some analysts say she must exclude him from the party before the 2017 presidential elections. But can and will she she do it? READ  

Why we're on strike
French air traffic controllers justify strike

French air traffic controllers justify strike

With a 48-hour strike by France’s air traffic controllers prompting 40 percent of flights to be cancelled on Wednesday, The Local speaks to one controller who explains why their action is justified, even if it does cause travel misery for thousands of passengers. READ  

Blog: Student life in Paris
Adapting to life as a foreign student in Paris
Students in at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Photo: AmitLev/Flickr

Adapting to life as a foreign student in Paris

Paris is said to be the best city in the world to study in, but that doesn't mean everything is plain sailing for international students. Erasmus student Deirdre McAteer shares her observations on life at a French university. READ  

Interview - Doctors' protest
Is France's envied health care system threatened?
Doctors take to the streets of Lyon in january to protest health reforms. Photo: Jeff Pachoud/AFP

Is France's envied health care system threatened?

Thousands of French doctors and health professionals will take to the streets in Paris on Sunday to protest against reforms they say will threaten the quality of France's renowned health care system. The leader of the demonstration tells The Local why the government must listen. READ  

Opinion: Commuter misery
'Paris rail network is not fit for the 21st century'
Disgruntled commuters are aiming to take Paris transport chiefs to court for the delays and disruption they face on the RER. Photo: AFP

'Paris rail network is not fit for the 21st century'

A group of disgruntled commuters are launching an unprecedented bid to sue Paris transport chiefs because they can never get to work on time. The Parisian banker leading the charge tells The Local why things have to change. READ  

Analysis - Attack of the Drones
Who is flying drones over Paris landmarks?
Who is flying drones over Paris? Photo: Ktee1086/DonMcCullogh/Flickr

Who is flying drones over Paris landmarks?

After five drones were spotted flying over specific landmarks in Paris on Tuesday, a French aviation expert tells The Local the "real pros" behind the stunt want to "demonstrate how the state is incapable of protecting the population". READ  

View from 'La Rue'

Anti-Uber protest: Just a 'taxi drivers' tantrum'?

Taxi drivers in Paris gathered in the capital on Monday, to protest against the urban car-sharing service UberPOP. The Local took to the streets to see whether Parisians had much sympathy for their notoriously rude taxi drivers. READ  


Why company bosses in France have had enough

As business owners in France hold a week-long uprising against red tape and taxes, the head of one of the main unions behind the action told The Local why business leaders in France are at their wits end. READ  

View de la Rue

Why is France bottom of the class for English?

A new report this week concluded the French are the worst at English in all of the EU. Given that native English speakers are not really in a position to point the finger at the French, we asked the natives and a local expert to explain the poor showing. READ  

Analysis: France and Europe

How France gave away independence to Europe

With the European Commission recently demanding France hand over extra information on its 2015 budget, author Eric Verhaeghe looks back at how successive governments "hypnotised the French people" as they relinquished economic sovereignty to Brussels. READ  

Far-right mag's racial slur on minister nets fine

A far-right publication that compared France's justice minister, who is black, to a monkey was hit on Thursday with a €10,000 fine for making racist statements. READ  

Opinion- Air France strike

'Pilots' strike shows how France cannot reform'

"All French people are a little like Air France pilots". This is the view of French Economy expert Nicolas Bouzou, who argues that the crippling Air France pilots' strike is representative of a country that appears incapable of reform. READ  

Opinion - France and Germany

'Merkel now needs to meet Hollande halfway'

After the French president ousted his rebel Economy Minister for an outspoken attack on Germany and replaced him with a social liberal ex-banker, political commentator Stefan Ulrich argues that Chancellor Angela Merkel now needs to repay the favour. READ  

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Is it time the French scrapped tu and vous?
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Cyberjihad: Hacking of French TV channel was 'a step up'
PROFILE: Jean-Marie Le Pen - France's far-right master provocateur
France's fatigued 'anti-terror' police resort to calling sick
Dipping baguette in a bowl of coffee! - French habits foreigners don't get
Strike latest: Scores of flights cancelled in France
New Calais migrant camp 'the worst in Europe'
ASK THE EXPERTS: So why are the French always on strike?
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