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Don't panic: What can the French do if there's no fuel?
Photo: AFP

The French government is saying don't panic... but what ARE we supposed to do?

Paris transport workers set to stage 'indefinite strike'
Photo: AFP

Get ready for (more) strikes from workers on the Paris transport network. And there may be no end in sight.

Here is where France is hit hardest by fuel shortages
Photo: Fuel comparison site Essence

UPDATED: With 2,400 petrol stations across France either empty or running out of fuel, here's a look at which parts of the country are the most affected.

French insurer Axa to stop investing in tobacco industry
Photo: DjurekD/Flickr

France's biggest insurance group Axa is pulling out of the tobacco industry as part of the fight against smoking.

French petrol stations run out of fuel as blockade goes on
Photo: AFP

Some 1,600 petrol stations in France were running on empty on Monday as protesting workers continued to block oil refineries and fuel depots.

French gardener goes on trial for murder of British expat
The caravan where gardener Jean-Louis Cayrou lived. Photo: AFP

The remains of the 58-year-old British woman have never been found.

Paris attack suspect tight-lipped in first interrogation
Abdeslam was prepared to speak at "a later date", his lawyer said. Photo: AFP

The last surviving member of the jihadist team that attacked Paris, Salah Abdeslam, refused to answer questions in his first interview with a French anti-terror judge on Friday.

Festivals ditch Bataclan band over Muslim remarks

Eagles of Death Metal's lead singer claimed he saw "Muslims celebrating in the streets" after November's attacks.

Four killed as helicopter crashes in southwest France
Photo: AFP

The helicopter crashed in the Hautes-Pyrénées, the French army said on Friday.

French court jails woman for freezing her baby to death
Photo: AFP

A French court has sentenced a Belgian woman to seven years in jail for killing her baby by putting him in the freezer.

Paris Attacks
Abdeslam 'arrives in Paris for questioning' in terror probe

UPDATED: French anti-terror judges will on Friday begin their first questioning of Salah Abdeslam, a member of the jihadist cell which killed 130 people in a series of attacks in Paris in November.

Armed thieves hit Chanel store in central Paris
Photo: AFP

Three robbers with pump-action shotguns raided a luxury Chanel boutique in central Paris on Thursday, police sources said.

France's state of emergency extended to cover Euro 2016
French Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve. Photo: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP

It's been confirmed... the state of emergency is far from over.

French PM urges 'harsh' penalties for anti-cop violence
Photo: AFP

Those attacking the French police need to be dealt with harshly, the French prime minister has said.

France a 'clear target' for Isis bombing
Spectators gather on the pitch of the Stade de France on November 13th, 2015, after a series of gun attacks occurred across Paris. Photo: AFP

France's intelligence agency has warned that France is the "country most threatened" by Isis bombers.

It will soon be time to say 'au revoir' to the Paris Metro ticket
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