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Are the French falling out of love with their pharmacies?
Photo: The LEAF Project/Flickr

There's been a steady decline in the number of pharmacies in France, and it looks like it's going to continue.

France could hike taxes on soda and chocolate bars
Photo: Joel Saget/AFP

France could be set to raise taxes on sugary fizzy drinks as well as chocolate bars.

Air pollution in France kills 48,000 people each year
All photos: AFP

Air pollution is the biggest killer in France after tobacco and alcohol.

Italian man 'turns French' after brain injury
Photos: Flickr

An Italian man has reportedly turned into a French man after suffering from brain damage.

France lets widow have child with dead husband's sperm
An illustration of intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Photo: Wellcome Images/Flickr

A French court has ruled that the semen of a dead man can be used for artificial insemination.

 France makes it easier for pupils to get morning after pill
Photo: AFP

France has scrapped a clause in the rule book that meant only pupils "in distress" could get the pill.

French insurer Axa to stop investing in tobacco industry
Photo: DjurekD/Flickr

France's biggest insurance group Axa is pulling out of the tobacco industry as part of the fight against smoking.

France faces 'moderate risk' of Zika virus outbreak
Photo: AFP

France is one of three European countries in the "moderate likelihood" group.

Will France's plain cigarette packs make smokers quit?
Photo: Thomas Samson/AFP

The first plain cigarette packages will hit the shelves on Friday.

French doctors accused of 'extorting' migrants
Photo: Joe Radele/Getty Images North America/AFP

Numerous migrants have allegedly been charged hefty fees for medical certificates.

French supermarkets to test colour-coded 'nutrition logos'
Photo: AFP

Colour-coded health labels. This could really work.

Pregnant French women offered €300 to quit smoking
Photo: ~zipporah~/Flickr

Would pregnant French women - who have the worst smoking record in Europe - put out their cigarettes if they were paid?

Where are the most polluted cities in France?
Photo: Patrick Kovarik/AFP

A new study reveals where the most at-risk areas are in the country.

The French eating habits the world should learn from
The French eat together, that's one thing we could learn from. Photo: AFP

Living in France will change the way you eat and there are good reasons for it.

Disease experts to compare Zika notes in France
An Aedes Aegypti mosquito photographed on human skin. Photo: AFP

Some 600 disease experts from 43 nations will gather in Paris on Monday to pore over scant but increasingly worrisome data emerging about the Zika virus sweeping Latin America and threatening the world.

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