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Where are the most polluted cities in France?
Photo: Patrick Kovarik/AFP

A new study reveals where the most at-risk areas are in the country.

The French eating habits the world should learn from
The French eat together, that's one thing we could learn from. Photo: AFP

Living in France will change the way you eat and there are good reasons for it.

Disease experts to compare Zika notes in France
An Aedes Aegypti mosquito photographed on human skin. Photo: AFP

Some 600 disease experts from 43 nations will gather in Paris on Monday to pore over scant but increasingly worrisome data emerging about the Zika virus sweeping Latin America and threatening the world.

Frenchman partially cuts off own penis after taking LSD
Photo: Bradley Gordon/Flickr

A Frenchman will seriously regret taking LSD after he attacked his girlfriend, partially cut his own penis off, and jumped out of a second storey window, during what appeared to be a very bad trip.

French warned over heavy metals in canned tuna
Photo: Iwan Gabovitch/Flickr

Hooked on tuna? Read this.

Frenchman opens fire after doctor refuses sick note
Photo: AFP

Some people are clearly prepared to go to extreme lengths to get signed off work.

France sparks up row on making weed legal
Photo: AFP

France is once again in a spin over whether or not to legalize marijuana.

France warned to avoid 100 'toxic' household products
Photo: Komunews/Flicks

A new blacklist from France might make you think twice about what's in your cupboard.

French health chief says 'non' to new boozy cooking show
Photo: Les Recettes Pompettes official teaser trailer

Drinking whilst cooking is no longer acceptable in France it seems, or at least not on television.

French told to avoid 107 supermarket foods
Photo: AFP

This new blacklist might make you think twice at the supermarket in France.

French turning away from meat towards vegetarianism
Photo: AFP

Steak tartare? "Non merci," say more and more French.

'Smoking a bigger danger to French pupils than terrorism'
Photo: AFP

Terrorism kills (but so does smoking) argues a French health expert who is angry at pupils being allowed to light up on school grounds due to the terror threat.

France confirms first case of mad cow disease since 2011
Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / AFP file picture

France says a first case of mad cow disease has been detected in the country since 2011.

French village recruits druid healer to cover for doctors
Brittany has a strong historic link to druids, but the idea to replace a doctor with one hasn't gone down too well. Photo: AFP

A druid healer was the only person to respond to the advert for the vacant position of doctor in the small Brittany village, so he got the job.

Second doc charged over death of Brit mum in France
Photo: AFP

A second doctor has been charged in France over the death of a British mum in a maternity ward in south west France. An anaesthetist who admitted downing vodka on the night, has also been charged.

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