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Bond meets Snowden: The HSBC whistleblower

Hervé Falciani - the whistleblower behind the latest "breathtaking" revelations that have rocked HSBC and unearthed 100,000 tax cheats - has been compared to Edward Snowden, but the man himself prefers to liken himself to James Bond. READ  

French Face of the Week
Who exactly is France's most admired woman?
Simone Veil has been voted as France's most admired woman. Photo: AFP

Who exactly is France's most admired woman?

Simone Veil has been ranked as the most admired woman in all of France. But who is she? We take a closer look at the extraordinary life of the Holocaust survivor and women's rights champion who topped the poll ahead of the likes of Aung San Suu Kyi, Malala and Marine Le Pen. READ  

French Face of the Week
Nabilla - Who is 'France's Kim Kardashian'?
France's reality TV star Nabilla was arrested for the alleged attempted murder of her boyfriend. Photo: AFP

Nabilla - Who is 'France's Kim Kardashian'?

Reality TV star Nabilla Benattia - the self-dubbed French Kim Kardashian - was arrested near Paris on Friday on suspicion of attempting to murder her boyfriend. Here's a closer look at the how the infamous Made in France star rose to prominence. READ  

French Face of the Week

Critic with 'Anglo-Saxon CV' joins Hollande's team

When Hollande decided to ditch his chief economic advisor this week, many on the French left probably felt relieved. Until that is, they heard who the replacement was – Laurence Boone, the former Bank of America chief economist with a very "Anglo-Saxon CV”. READ  

French Face of the Week

Meet the 'crocodile': France's youngest mayor

At the age of 22 most young Frenchmen are still wondering what to do with their lives, but not the self-titled political 'crocodile', Robin Reda. Hailed as a political genius by some of the Right's top politicians, Reda has just been elected France’s youngest mayor. READ  

French Face of the Week

French top cop's wife 'makes ticket vanish'

The wife of France's top cop, Interior Minister Manuel Valls, is a brilliant classical violinist but this week she wound up in the headlines for a different kind of fiddling. Find out what happened when she stepped in to quash a friend's parking ticket. READ  

French Face of the Week

Mr Made in France: The ultimate economic patriot

France could do with a few economic patriots right now. So Benjamin Carle, from Paris, took it upon himself to show the way by ridding his life of anything foreign made, from food to furniture, to see whether it was possible to become 100 percent Made in France. See how he got on. READ  

French Face of the Week

The French pupils who quit school for jihad

The news that two 15-year-old French pupils, decided not not turn up at their classes, but instead make the 4,400 km trip to join Al Quaeda fighters in Syria, left France shocked on Friday. They are the latest and probably youngest to join hundreds of French jihadist fighters in Syria. READ  

French Face of the Week

The French comic behind Anelka’s 'Nazi salute'

French footballer Nicolas Anelka's "quenelle" salute has been condemned as anti-Semitic, something he himself denied, saying it was just a gesture of support for French comedian Dieudonné. But who is the controversial comic who France now wants to ban? READ  

French Faces of the Week

Top ten 'most hated' celebs in France in 2013

Beauty, big breasts and power are not everything it seems, well at least when it comes to winning over the French public. A new poll published this week revealed the "most hated celebrities" in the country for 2013. See our countdown here and tell us who they missed out. READ  

French Face of the Week

Madonna's ex toy boy has stage to himself

Despite being a primetime TV star and sex symbol in France, and despite his three-year romance with Madonna, 30 years his senior, breakdancer Brahim Zaibat is virtually unknown around the world. The couple broke up this week, citing heavy workloads. But is that really all there was to it? READ  

French Face of the Week

Miss France: the ageless queen of kitsch

The annual Miss France competition takes place in the eastern city of Dijon on Saturday night. In postmodern France, where women hold cabinet positions and beauty pageants are mercilessly mocked, you might think nobody will be watching. You'd be very wrong. READ  

French Face of the Week

French boss runs firm from desert island beach

One day last year, French businessman Gauthier Toulemonde, pondered a seemingly insane question. Could he run his company from a tiny, remote desert island thousands of miles away? The French Robinson Crusoe just came back home with the answer. READ  

French Face of the Week
The dark past of Paris shooting suspect Dekhar
Photo: Screengrab/Youtube/Chouf Chouf

The dark past of Paris shooting suspect Dekhar

Police on Wednesday arrested Abdelhakim Dekhar, who they believe was the gunman who brought panic to the streets of Paris this week. Then came the chilling realization that they had seen his name before - as part of a murderous episode that shocked France nearly 20 years ago. READ  

French Face of the Week

'Paris nightlife musn't be seen as a joke in Europe'

Paris elected its first ever "Nightlife Mayor" this week in the form of Clément Léon, our French Face of the Week. Leon is adamant he can help make Paris a bastion of nocturnal revelry to rival London and Berlin as long as the neighbours accept "it's going to get noisy". READ  

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