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Nine must-see landmarks in Paris you may have missed
Photo: AFP

You've seen the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. So what next?

Baguettiquette: Weird things the French do with bread
Photo: Serious Lunch

Some of the things the French do with their favorite form of sustenance are baffling to foreigners.

Meet France's newest major city and its best kept secret
Place Stanislas. Dominik "Dome"/Flickr

It's the newest and probably least known metropolis in France - and here's why you should visit, or even think about living there.

Secrets and lies: The life of an au pair in France
Photo: Evil Erin/Flickr

Want the plain, unvarnished truth about being an au pair in France? Read this.

Nine of the quirkiest things you can see in Paris
Photo: AFP

Take a closer look at the more unusual side of Paris.

VIDEO: Did you know all these stars spoke great French?
US actor Bradley Cooper. Photo: AFP

There are famous people out there who can speak pretty good French.

Queen's 90th Birthday
Queen Elizabeth at 90: Is she really fluent in French?
President François Hollande and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo (right) seem delighted with the Queen's level of French. Photo: AFP

There are not many Brits out there who can speak French at the age of 90, but Queen Elizabeth is one of them. But how good is her lingo really?

How did the French end up with their 'crazy' numbers?
Photo: Morebyless/Flickr

Sixty-seven, sixty-eight, sixty-nine, sixty-ten. Wait what? Where did that come from?

La Vache! The strange origins of six French curse words
Photo: Upsomeon/Flickr

They're everyday curse words in France, but where on earth do they come from?

Nine French eating habits you will probably find peculiar
Photo: Bex Walton/Flickr

France might be the gastronomy capital of the world, but the French have some eating habits that seem very bizarre to Anglos, writes The Local's Catherine Edwards.

15 reasons Clermont-Ferrand is the best place in France
Photo: Evilspoon7/Flickr

You might know it as the birthplace of the Michelin tyre company, but wait, it gets better.

Why we think the French all wear berets and carry onions
Photo: Photonquantique/Flickr

Every Frenchman doesn't wear a beret, nor do they have onions around their neck, so why do we think they all do?

How the French Riviera will change the way you live
Photo: RGS/Flickr

For starters, no more hibernating through the winter.

Ten things you definitely didn't know about Nice
Photo: Lee Carson/Flickr

Why is it called Nice? What's in the Monster's Lair? And how was the city saved by a laundry lady? Here are some of the best facts that even the locals probably don't know.

How minding your manners in a French café can save you money
Photo: Zidernoline/Twitter

We all know the stereotype of the moody French waiter, but maybe its the customers who are at fault.

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Here are nine must-see landmarks in Paris you may have missed
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