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Why the baby brain can learn two languages at same time
How do babies learn language? Photo: Irene Zaccari / Flickr

Is it confusing for babies to learn two languages simultaneously?

Court forces Paris high school pupils to smoke outside
Photo: AFP

The court ruled that smoking cigarettes poses a greater danger to pupils than a potential terror attack.

French pupils on the warpath again over labour reforms
Students throw projectiles at riot police in Montpellier, southern France, during a demonstration against the government's planned labour reform. Photo: AFP

High school protests against France's planned labour reforms have turned violent, again.

'Smoking a bigger danger to French pupils than terrorism'
Photo: AFP

Terrorism kills (but so does smoking) argues a French health expert who is angry at pupils being allowed to light up on school grounds due to the terror threat.

Guestblog - French language week
Oh là là - How to really use the best three words in French
How to use Oh là là properly. Photo: AFP

If there are three words you need in France they are "Oh là là" (nope not Ooh la la), explains our guest blogger, because they can be used in so many ways.

Prestigious French uni offers English courses to migrants
Photo: AFP

Prestigious French uni hopes to help migrants integrate in France,by offering them French and English courses.

20 of the best words in the French language
Your top 20 favourite French words. photo: Tim Green/Flickr

Which is your favourite?

BestAssas.com: Uproar as site ranks sexy Paris students
File photo: AFP

No it's not a typo in the name of the website.

France terror attacks
Schools: France vows to fight terror conspiracy theories
Some conspiracy theorists question whether police ever truly found this getaway cars used at the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Recent terror attacks in France have got talk of police plots and government cover-ups flying among young people and France wants to put an end to it, as it fights radicalization.

Terror fears could see French schools end smoking ban
High schoolers taking a smoke break. Photo: AFP

Groups of pupils smoking on the street outside high schools are an obvious target for terrorists, a union says.

Who is sending terror threats to Paris's high schools?
Photo: Twitter/HPouxx

Is there something more sinister behind the recent hoax bomb threats that have hit high schools in Paris, the UK, Scandinavia and now Australia?

France opens access to Nazi-era archives
Philippe Pétain meeting German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in October 1940. Photo: Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia Commons

France will throw open access to police and legal archives drawn from one of the country's darkest hours, when the Vichy regime collaborated with Nazis, authorities said on Sunday.

Can terror-hit Paris keep best student city crown?
Photo: AFP

Paris has held on to the top spot in the global "Best Student Cities" rankings for the fourth year running, but there are fears that last month's terror attacks will see future students opt for another city, The Local's Oliver Gee writes.

French universities in crisis
French students march over universities crisis
Students protest in Paris over lack of funding as well as many other gripes.

Students took to the streets of Paris on Friday to protest against the sorry state of French universities, which are suffering from overcrowding and a chronic lack of funding.

Education in France
The troubles with French universities laid bare
Students in Lyon. Photo: AFP

Classrooms overflowing, a serious lack of funding, and a flailing reputation abroad... what exactly is wrong with France's university system? The Local's Oliver Gee takes a closer look.

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