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Frenchman sentenced to jail time for burying dog alive
Photo: Pedro Dinis/Facebook

A man who buried his disabled dog alive, sparking social media fury in France, has been handed a jail sentence.

France wants Paris to profit from London's losses
Photo: AFP

Paris must take London's place as Europe's financial powerhouse once Brexit happens, a French minister says.

What will change in France from July 2016
Photo: Fred Dufour/AFP

July will see some changes in France, and here's how you'll be affected.

North western France set for violent storms on Wednesday
File photo of a Normandy storm. Photo: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP

The summer storms may cause "serious damage", meteorologists in France have warned.

Fête de la Musique
Six things to know about France's biggest music party
Street performers get down to the beat in 2015's festival. All photos: AFP

Tuesday marks the annual "Fête de la Musique" party in France. Here's what you need to know.

Forget bikes, Paris is set to roll out scooter rentals
Photo: CityScoot

Over 100 electric scooters will be available to rent in Paris from tomorrow.

Booze-loving France 'complicit' in alcohol deaths
Photo: AFP

France's love for fine wines and liquers means the government is closing its eyes to prevent 49,000 alcohol deaths a year, a new damning report will say.

Paris rolls out brigade to force Parisians to clean up act
Photo: AFP

The €68 fine for tossing cigarettes was just the beginning...

Euro 2016
French youths spark trouble with Northern Ireland fans
French police take part in a tour of security measures at the Uefa Euro 2016 Fan Zone, in Nice. Photo: AFP

Northern Ireland fans were drawn into fighting in Nice on Saturday night as European Championship violence spread, witnesses said.

How can French strikers afford to keep striking?
CGT union protesters in Lille on June 9th. Photo: AFP

The array of strikes going on in France right now are testing the patience of travellers, but those on strike are also paying a price.

French floods and strikes cast gloom over Euro 2016
Bad weather and civil unrest have marked recent weeks in France. Photo: AFP

The swollen Seine receded on Sunday, but between flood damages, strikes and terror fears, France was firmly stuck in the doldrums just five days before the Euro football tournament.

Paris revolts at plan to modernize historic kiosks
One of the original kiosks. Photo: Burgermac/Flickr

The new designs have been compared to sardine cans, photocopiers and recycling bins.

Thieves caught trying to swim away in French floods
A submerged road in central France. Photo: Philippe Desmazes/AFP

One positive outcome of France's floods...

Paris restaurants open up kitchens to refugee chefs
Photo: Nicole Abalde/Flickr

Paris restaurants are giving chefs' hats to refugees in a bid to change attitudes to migrants.

Paris transport strike: Metro spared but RER to be hit
Photos: AFP

There will be a public transport strike in Paris on Thursday - here's how you'll be affected (or not).

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