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French schools scandal
Scandal of paedophile teachers shocks France
Photo: AFP

Scandal of paedophile teachers shocks France

France’s education minister promised a thorough investigation on Wednesday into "systematic failures” after it emerged that numerous teachers were employed to work in schools despite having previous convictions for paedophilia. READ  

Paris universities on the up in new rankings
Students at a Paris university. Photo: AFP

Paris universities on the up in new rankings

France boasts three extra universities in this year's prestigious Times University reputation ranking, up from just two last year. But the man behind the survey told The Local it may be problematic that all five were in the same area. READ  

French school reforms: Lunches to languages
French pupils will get longer lunch breaks and learn another language under planned reforms. Photo: AFP

French school reforms: Lunches to languages

France's education minister has announced a series of reforms that will see pupils doing more work in small groups and picking up an extra foreign language earlier. Here are the key points. READ  

Paris school headteacher stabbed by parent
A school headteacher in Paris was stabbed three times by an attacker on Thursday. Photo: AFP

Paris school headteacher stabbed by parent

The headteacher of an elementary school in Paris was stabbed three times by the parent of a pupil on Thursday afternoon according to reports in the French media. READ  

Your top 20 favourite French words

Everyone's got their favourite French words, whether they're amusing, odd or just fun to pronounce. After we put the call out to readers The Local has put together a list of your suggestions. See if yours made our top 20. READ  

Studying in France

France urged to charge foreign students fees

Non-EU students should pay the full cost of tuition if they want to study in France, a new report recommends, a move that could earn France €850 million per year. READ  

How studying in the UK is different to France

From Freshers week to dressing up, Parisian journalist Priscillia Charles, who recently spent a year studying in the North East of England, points out the main differences between student life on both sides of the Channel. READ  

French universities in crisis
'It's no surprise half of French students fail'
Students and academics protest at the state of higher education in France. Photo: AFP

'It's no surprise half of French students fail'

Hundreds of angry university lecturers, students and researchers took to the streets of Paris this week to protest over a lack of funding and job insecurity in the higher education system that has left institutions "in ruin". The Local joined them to find out how bad things really are. READ  

IN IMAGES: French universities 'are in ruin'
French universities are in a state of ruin and the students have photographic evidence. Photo: http://universiteenruines.tumblr.com/

IN IMAGES: French universities 'are in ruin'

Academics and students were set to take to the streets across France on Thursday to protest against a lack of funding that has left their “universities in ruin”. In recent weeks protesters have been posting photographic evidence of the crumbling institutions online. READ  


'It's pork or nothing', French mayor tells pupils

A mayor in France has stirred up a hornet’s nest by deciding Muslim pupils at the local school will not be given an alternative meal to pork. The mayor has justified his stance by claiming it's in the name of secularism. READ  

Two French business schools in Europe's top 5

HEC Paris and INSEAD have made it into the top five spots of the Financial Times's prestigious rankings for Europe's best business schools. READ  

Paris holds on to title of world's best student city

Paris has clinched top spot in the global "Best Student Cities" rankings for the third year running, beating off stiff opposition from the likes of Melbourne, London and Boston. READ  

Foreign students worth €1.6 billion to France

The tens of thousands of international students who come to France each year are giving the country’s economy a healthy boost, a new study has revealed. It's partly in thanks to all the money they shell out just to be able to afford to live here. READ  

Top French journo prof 'ripped off' other media

A high-profile journalism school in Paris has been left red-faced after its executive dean was accused of plagiarising material from other media and using it in her other job as a columnist – despite the strict anti-plagiarism guidelines the school vigorously enforces on its students. READ  

View de la Rue

Why is France bottom of the class for English?

A new report this week concluded the French are the worst at English in all of the EU. Given that native English speakers are not really in a position to point the finger at the French, we asked the natives and a local expert to explain the poor showing. READ  

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The key reforms of France's healthcare bill
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