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Forget bikes, Paris is set to roll out scooter rentals
Photo: CityScoot

Forget bikes, Paris is set to roll out scooter rentals

The Local · 20 Jun 2016, 10:51

Published: 20 Jun 2016 10:51 GMT+02:00
Updated: 20 Jun 2016 10:51 GMT+02:00

Forget the Velib and Autolib bike and car rental schemes - the new wave of transport in Paris looks set to be the Cityscoot electric scooters - and they're being rolled out on Tuesday. 

From 7am to 11pm each day, 150 of the scooters will be on offer across a central zone in capital, with plans to have 1,000 by March next year. 
The scooters will be spread over the 33km2 blue zone pictured below, with the exception of the red section, which is a pedestrianized zone. 
The conditions for using the scooters are straightforward enough: Users must be born before January 1st in 1988, don't need a licence, and just need to download the Cityscoot app.
The booking system has no keys, card, or charging terminal and is all app-based. The app allows users to localize one of the available scooters, view its battery life and freely book it for ten minutes, giving them the time to go to the scooter. 

Then, a four-digit code displayed will enable the unlocking of the scooter for a rental period that ends when the scooter is parked again.  
Cityscoot's maintenance team replaces empty batteries with fully-charged ones and provides helmets and hygiene caps.
The base rate is 28 cents per minute, but Cityscoot offers packages of €25 for 100 minutes or €100 for 500 minutes. There is no need for subscription or commitment. 
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Users need only to register on www.cityscoot.eu, submit their contact details and a debit card, together with a valid ID. 
The scooters can cover about 105 kilometres, about five hours of driving, before they need a recharge. They also come with an extra battery to recharge the scooter for another 40 to 50 kilometers.
This enterprise is endorsed by Anne Hidalgo, the capital’s mayor, who is pushing to reduce the number of cars and the pollution levels in Paris. 

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